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Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Real domain investor results in 2022 – DNW Podcast #404

Last month at NamesCon, domain investors Logan Flatt and Mark Levine gave a detailed look at their sales numbers so far this year compared to the same period a year ago. It was eye-opening. There’s no recording of the session, but Logan and Mark were kind enough to come on the show

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Scaling your domain portfolio – DNW Podcast #405

Most domain investors start out small and try to scale their domain portfolio over time. But what’s the best way to approach scaling? How much money do you need to start? Where should you acquire domains and for how much? How long will it take? On today’s show, Bob Hawkes discuss

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Which top level domains are truly popular?

The new top level domain leaderboards are junk. All it takes to get onto leaderboards that measure total domains in the zone is to sell your domains cheaply.

Some companies have dug into actual usage, but this is a fuzzy metric with different definitions. However, a new analysis 

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Some things you should know about Dan/GoDaddy brokerage commissions

Yesterday, emailed its users to let them know about a new brokerage feature. Now that is part of GoDaddy, users can send their inquiries to GoDaddy’s brokerage team to handle.

This is similar to how Uniregistry works. When you receive an inbound offer, you 

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Saturday, September 3, 2022

Fix Your Target Groups For Your Domains

You need to fix your target groups. It is helps you to focus on specific domains and build your expertise. After domain listing, focus on making it more attractive. You need to know whether the domains have any existing traffic already. You should use an escrow service to avoid being deceived by any buyer for your Domains.

You should list out domains in strong distribution networks around internet and social media websites the . This will let you bring your domain names to millions of buyers every week.

It is essential to have a clear understanding of your social media target audience so you can create promotions and engaging posts for your Domains.

It is important to not be too greedy and decide a fair price to sell the domain. This is very important step to sell the domains.

How To Sell Your Domain Name

Are you get a clear idea of the right sale value of your domain. You need to start finding buyers and creating a customer base. You need to fix a broker for the domain that shares the total selling price. You get to display a list of domains on popular websites that sell them around the world.

You can also advertise your business on various social media like Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, instagram and many more platforms. And try to reach to required domain and website hosting businesses.

Have an any domain you want to sell? Perhaps you registered a domain for your next big business idea that did not pan out. Or, you might be a domain investor that buys domains with the hope of selling them for a profit.

Every month, people sell millions of dollars worth of domain names to businesses wanting to launch a website on these previously-owned domain names and websites.

If you want in on the action, here is an overview of how to sell your domains for profit.

You might also have some domains that you do not currently use but do not want to sell. Maybe one is a domain name you registered in the name of your young child or represents a business idea that you are not quite ready to give up a website.